January 7: Palliative Care Tuesday Noon Conference. “LGBTQ+ Issues in Palliative Care.” Presentation to palliative care clinicians at the University of Virginia Hospital.

February 13: Columbia University School of Nursing’s Center for Improving Palliative Care for Vulnerable Adults. “LGBTQ-Inclusive Care Near the End of Life: What Clinicians Need to Know.” New York, NY. (60-minute invited presentation.


February 27: Hospice and Home Care Webinar Network. “Creating an LGBTQ Caring & Inclusive Program.” Co-presented with G. Gardia. (90-minute webinar)

March 17:  Social Work Hospice & Palliative Care Network (SWHPN) General Assembly. “Experiences of LGBT Patients and Families in Hospice and Palliative Care.” Presenters: G. Stein, C. Berkman, K. Acquaviva, San Diego, CA. (60-minute keynote plenary).  CANCELLED BY ORGANIZER DUE TO COVID-19

March 18: AAHPM/HPNA Annual Summit. “Not lost in translation: Ensuring LGBTQ+ inclusion in the palliative and end-of-life clinical-translational science spectrum.” Presenters: K. Acquaviva, C. Candrian, K. Cloyes, K. Hinrichs, T. Witten. San Diego, CA.  (60-minute panel presentation). CANCELLED BY ORGANIZER DUE TO COVID-19

May 5-6: Coalition for Compassionate Care of California’s 2020 Annual Summit. “Dying, Out Loud and Queer: Perspectives of an LGBTQ Widow.” Sacramento, CA. (60-minute invited keynote). CANCELLED BY ORGANIZER DUE TO COVID-19

June 2: University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Palliative Care Grand Rounds. “LGBTQ+ Considerations in Palliative Care.” Philadelphia, PA. (60-minute invited presentation).




April 1: Policy Considerations for LGBTQ Health. Presentation to physicians in the George Washington University Residency Fellowship for Health Policy. Residency Fellowship Directors: Dr. Fitzhugh Mullan and Dr. James Scott.  Washington, DC. (60-minute invited presentation).

April 18: Penn Biomeditation Book Talk: LGBTQ-Inclusive Hospice and Palliative Care. Presentation to faculty and students at the University of Pennsylvania, organized by the Penn Libraries. Philadelphia, PA. (60-minute invited presentation).


May 21: Kaiser Health News. Inclusive Care at the End of Life: The LGBTQ+ Experience. Moderator: JoNel Aleccia. Panelists: Acquaviva, K., Brandt, K., Tax, A., Squires, S., Quartey, N.Q., Wardenski, J. Washington, D.C. (90-minute invited panel presentation)


September 26: American College of Healthcare Executives LGBT Forum. The Role of Respect in Ensuring a Culture of Safety for LGBTQ+ People. Webinar.  (60-minute webinar with two presenters)

December 6: Sibley Memorial Hospital’s Fourth Annual Pride Lunch and Learn. “LGBTQ-Inclusive Care at Sibley: A Caregiver’s Perspective. (60-minute invited presentation).




November 15: Presented a 50-minute keynote, "LGBTQ-Inclusive Care: What Providers Need to Know," at City of Hope’s Health Disparities Populations Series: LGBT State of the Science and Caring. Los Angeles, California. 

November 7: Presentation to hospice and palliative care professionals about LGBTQ-inclusive care. Tidewell Hospice, Sarasota, FL.


November 6: Two presentations (one to hospice and palliative care professionals, the other to health care professionals from throughout the community) on LGBTQ-inclusive care of older adults. Avow Hospice, Naples, FL.


October 5: Presented "Providing LGBTQ-Inclusive Care" to the Tantramar Hospice and Palliative Care Organization in Sackville, New Brunswick Canada. 


October 2-5: Presented "Relationships in Palliative Care Nursing: Working with LGBTQ Patients and Families" at the International Congress on Palliative Care. Montréal. (90-minute invited presentation). 


July 18: Presented a 60-minute webinar, "LGBTQ-Inclusive Care," at the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association, and the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization’s 2018 Virtual Conference.


May 10:  Presented at the University of Virginia School of Nursing's LGBTQ Symposium. Charlottesville, VA.


April 20: Presented "Making the Uncomfortable Comfortable, Part III: Reflective Practice: Identifying and Processing Feelings about Race Conversations," part of a three-part symposium called "Making the Uncomfortable Comfortable: Engaging in Difficult Conversations about Race, Racism, and Privilege" presented with Dr. Sandra Davis and Dr. Karen Kesten.  National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties 44th Annual Meeting. Indianapolis, IN. 


April 17: Presented "Ethical Issues in Effectively Providing LGBTQ-Inclusive Hospice and Palliative Care" with Kathleen Taylor for Hospice Foundation of America's 2017-18 Webinar Series. Virtual. 


April 4: Presented "Providing LGBTQ-Inclusive Care at Good Shepherd Community Care" to healthcare professionals at Good Shepherd Community Care. Newton, MA.


April 3: Presented "Providing LGBTQ-Inclusive Care: Taking Excellence to the Next Level at Dana-Farber" to health care professionals at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Boston, MA.


April 3: Presented "LGBTQ-Inclusive Hospice and Palliative Care: What Patients, Healthcare Professionals, and Community Members Need to Know" at Simmons College. Boston, MA.


March 15: Presented "Providing Inclusive, Nonjudgmental Care to LGBTQ Patients: Strategies for Nurses" to nurses at the Georgetown University Developmental Disabilities Administration Health Initiative. Washington, D.C. 


March 14: Book signing at the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine's Annual Assembly. Hynes Convention Center. Boston, MA.  


January 29:  Presented "LGBTQ-Inclusive Hospice and Palliative Care" to Physician Fellows in the ACGME-accredited Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship of the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Washington, D.C.


January 12: Presented "LGBTQ-Inclusive Care" with Dr. Dana Hines to students in the LGBT Health Policy and Practice Program at the George Washington University. Washington, D.C.




December 7: Presented "Making the Uncomfortable Comfortable: Engaging in Difficult Conversations About Race, Racism, and Privilege." Six, 75-minute presentations to Nurse Practitioner students at the George Washington University School of Nursing. Co-presented with Dr. Sandra Davis and Dr. Karen Kesten. Ashburn, VA. 


October 26: Presented "Connecting the Personal and Professional: Building on Lived Experiences of 'Difference'" to students, faculty, and staff at the George Washington University School of Nursing. Offered as part of the Multicultural Mentoring Series. Ashburn, VA. 


October 6: Presented "Providing LGBTQ-Inclusive Care to Physical Therapy Patients" to physical therapists and physical therapy assistants at the D.C. Board of Physical Therapy’s Fall Forum. Washington, D.C. 


September 28-29: Presented “Palliative Care and LGBTQ Persons: Countering Stigma and Nurturing Resilience” – joint keynote with Dr. Brian DeVries. 2nd National Symposium for Academic Palliative Care Education and Research. California State University Institute for Palliative Care, San Diego, CA.


August 25: Presented "Providing Inclusive Care to LGBTQ Patients" to clinical staff at Bridgepoint Hospital on Capitol Hill. Washington, D.C. 


August 24: Presented "LGBTQ-Inclusive Care"  to the Palliative Care Team at MedStar Washington Hospital Center. Washington, D.C. 


August 23: Appeared on The Focus Group with Tim Bennett & John Nash (Facebook Live, YouTube) in a 30-minute interview about my book, nursing, and LGBTQ-inclusive care. https://youtu.be/q4_3EQYLjMg 


June 30: Presented "Cultural Diversity: LGBTQ-Inclusive Care" at the D.C. Board of Nursing's Symposium, "Just Culture: Cultural Diversity and Professional Nursing Practice." Washington, D.C.


May 1: Book signing & launch party. Busboys and Poets at 14th & V Street in Washington, D.C.


April 21: Received the LGBT Health Professional Leadership Award at the Building the Next Generation of Academic Physicians (BNGAP) 5th Annual LGBT Health Workforce Conference. New York, NY.


April 11: Presented "Diversity and Inclusion: What Speech Pathologists and Audiologists Need to Know" at the George Washington University's Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences. Washington, D.C.


March 15: Interviewed on Good Grief with Cheryl Jones (on VoiceAmerica) in a 60-minute segment titled “Making Healthcare LGBTQ Inclusive.” 


February 20: Presented “LGBTQ Inclusive Hospice and Palliative Care” at the Social Work Hospice and Palliative Care Network (SWHPN) General Assembly. February 19-21, 2017. Scottsdale, AZ.


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