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My primary responsibility as a faculty member is to the students I teach – and by extension, to the patients and families those students will ultimately care for. Students are and will always be the primary reason for my existence as a professor – and for my School's existence as an institution of higher learning. Toward this end, I share my course evaluations publicly so that students and colleagues alike can see the quality of my teaching. Click on the name of a course to open the corresponding course evaluation:

In Spring 2010, GW added a question to course evaluations, asking students to provide an "overall rating of instructor" on a scale of 0-5, with 5 being the maximum/best rating possible. The following provides an annual average of my ratings on this course evaluation item:

University of Virginia

2019 - Fall               GNUR 6056: Health Policy

2019 - Fall               NURS 4950: Distinguished Majors Seminar I

George Washington University


2018 - Spring          NURS 6207 DE: Evidence-Based Practice

2018 - Spring          NURS 6207 DE6: Evidence-Based Practice

2018 - Summer       NURS 6205: Health Policy, Quality, and Political Processes


2017 - Spring          NURS 6207: Evidence-Based Practice 

2017 - Fall               NURS 6207: Evidence-Based Practice


2016 - Fall               NURS 6207 DE2: Evidence-Based Practice

2016 - Fall               NURS 6207 DE8: Evidence-Based Practice


2015 - Spring          NURS 6207: Evidence-Based Practice

2015 - Summer       NURS 8407: Grant Writing

2015 - Fall               NURS 6207: Evidence-Based Practice


2014 - Spring          NURS 6202: Population Health

2014 - Summer       NURS 8407: Grant Writing


2013 - Spring          NURS 6202: Population Health

2013 - Summer       NURS 8407: Grant Writing

2013 - Fall               NURS 6270: Intro to Research


2012 - Spring          NURS 6202 - DE5: Population Health

2012 - Spring          NURS 6202 - DE: Population Health

2012 - Summer       NURS 8407: Grant Writing

2012 - Fall               NURS 6270: Intro to Research


2011 - Spring          NURS 6202: Population Health

2011 - Summer       NURS 8407: Grant Writing

2011 - Fall               NURS 6270: Intro to Research


2010 - Spring          NURS 8498: Research Project Proposal

2010 - Summer       NURS 8407: Grant Writing

2010 - Fall               NURS 6270: Intro to Research


2009 - Spring          ELC 203: The Business of Dying

2009 - Summer       NURS 8407: Grant Writing

2009 - Fall               NURS 8403: Translating Research Into Practice


2008 - Fall               NURS 8403: Translating Research Into Practice


2007 - Spring          ELC 203: The Business of Dying

2007 - Fall               HSCI 270: Intro to Research 


2006 - Spring          ELC 203: The Business of Dying

2006 - Fall               HSCI 270: Intro to Research (no eval on file)




"Dr. Acquaviva is one of the best professors I've ever had in the graduate program. She respects students and her compassion for teaching is absolutely outstanding. She has her ways in igniting discussions, motivating and bringing out the best in each and every student. It was an incredible experience to have her as a Professor!" - Student in NURS 6202, Spring 2013

"This professor was FANTASTIC. She was fair and ENTHUSIASTIC. I never really liked research before I took this class." - Student in NURS 6207, Fall 2016

"Nursing needs more positivity and she brings it each and every week! Some of her comments were the only nice things I heard about my nursing progression all week, and often all I had heard in over a month+. I wish more faculty brought her positivity and would really strive to create a love of learning like she does!" - Student in NURS 6207, Fall 2017

"Great class and great teacher! Professor Acquaviva graded assignments in a timely manner and enhanced our learning by giving constructive feedback in a positive and encouraging way. She's definitely very knowledgeable about the subject and you can tell she truly cares about her students and their success." - Student in NURS 6207, Spring 2018

"Kim is a very special individual-she connects well with her students, freely shares her expert knowledge of research, offers helpful input, & and raises the level of intellectual discussions...She is supportive but doesn't spoon feed her students- she has a unique ability to inspire each student to reach their highest potential.- Student in NURS 8407, Summer 2010

"I cannot say enough about Dr. Acquaviva and her talent as a professor. Dr. Acquaviva is an open-minded instructor who genuinely welcomes feedback and is open to change. It has been evident throughout the semester that she is dedicated to us as students and in the learning process, and has treated us with a great deal of respect as adult learners. I have learned a great deal in her course and I cannot say enough about her openness, honesty, and quality as a professor. One of the best classes I have had here at GWU." - Student in NURS 6270, Fall 2012

"The excitement that Kim expressed when she communicated in either writing or verbally. She made me want to get in there and learn the concepts if they seemed difficult." Student in NURS 8403, Fall 2008

"I have been extremely pleased with the level of expertise and support that Dr. A[c]quaviva has shown throughout the entire course to the entire class. The mid-term exam was especially helpful because the exam not only tested knowledge gained, it also is a major teaching instrument as well. I think anytime a test can measure what's learned and also continue the learning process, that's a highly effective approach to teaching." - Student in HSCI 270, Fall 2007

"The instructor is too excellent. GWU is lucky to have such a talented and passionate, and really smart (brainy) instructor. The instructor is a perfect 10/10 in all aspects. PERFECT." - Student in NURS 8407, Summer 2011

"Dr. A. has been my favorite instructor in the GWU DNP program....Dr. A. is just great! GWU should clone her!" - Student in NURS 8498, Spring 2010

"Kim Acquaviva was one of the BEST professors that I have ever had in college. She was absolutely wonderful to work with. She was a fabulous teacher who was very informative and taught the subject of research very well. She was very accessible and always willing to help! When I was struggling, she even called me on the phone to help me work through the difficulties, rather than via email. It is clear that she has a great deal of knowledge in the field of research, and it shines when she is teaching!!! I wish that all professors were this interactive and helpful!" - Student in NURS 6270, Fall 2010

"The most positive aspect of the course is the instructor- Dr. Acquaviva possesses incredible knowledge and experience of grantwriting and she has an incredible ability to motivate students. She provides helpful feedback and direction and her enthusiasm for the subject and for teaching students is exceptional. She is an amazing instructor/ mentor! - Student in NURS 8407, Summer 2010

"One of the best classes I have had. Professor is an asset to the university. Would love to sit and have a cup of coffee with her and discuss some of the relevant subject matter." - Student in ELC 203, Spring 2007

"Dr. A[c]quaviva is one of the most knowledgeable, organized, enthusiastic, kind, and ego-preserving professors with which I have studied. Her feedback was always constructive and any corrective actions she made were done with the utmost respect and in the spirit of helping us be successful. Many thanks for a wonderful class!" - Student in NURS 8407, Summer 2009