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Internet TV/Video

New Yorker Magazine documentary: “Documenting Death.” Film by Sara Joe Wolansky. June 23, 2021.


C-TAC video: “In their own words: Kathy Brandt and Kim Acquaviva.” June 7, 2019


The Focus Group with Tim Bennett & John Nash (Facebook Live, YouTube) August 23, 2017

30-minute interview about my book, nursing, and LGBTQ-inclusive care.




Radio Shows & Podcasts

The Experts Speak with Dr. Abbey Strauss (podcast). March 2023 (episode air date TBD). 20-minute interview about LGBTQIA-inclusive end-of-life care.


The Latest in LGBTIQ+ Health and Policy with Paula Grinberg (podcast).  March 29, 2022. 60-minute interview about LGBTIQ+ inclusive palliative care. (“The Latest” is the official podcast of LGBTIQ+ Health Australia).


Death by Design with Kimberly Paul (podcast). February 8, 2018

30-minute interview about LGBTQ-inclusive healthcare.


Good Grief with Cheryl Jones (on VoiceAmerica). March 15, 2017

60-minute interview on “Making Healthcare LGBTQ Inclusive.”


The Mike Signorile Show (Sirius Out Q Radio). December 4, 2006

Appeared as program guest to discuss LGBT boomer study. Producer: David Guggenheim.





Grimes, D. (2020, December 07). UVA nursing professor pushes Charlottesville hospice facilities to be more LGBTQ inclusive.


Grimes, D. (2020, November 18). Acclaimed New York Times columnist picks UVA President Jim Ryan for Biden's education secretary.





Harrison, Sara. (2022, November 21). “Queering the Good Death”


Mitovich, Jared and Pollack, Jacob. (2022, September 8). “Liz Magill: Penn’s ‘Clear Consensus President.’” Daily Pennsylvanian.


Watson, Douglas. (2021, June 23). “What’s it like to be dying?”


McKenzie, B. (2020, November 17). UVa's President Ryan mentioned as a 'maybe' for Biden cabinet.


Zahneis, Megan. “This Professor Was Denied Tenure. Was Race a Factor?” The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Chronicle of Higher Education, 23 June 2020,


Q & A: Living While Dying. (2020, May 14).


Prendergast, John. “Holding and Letting Go.” The Pennsylvania Gazette, 25 Feb. 2020,


Zeitlin, Dave. Finding Life in Death. 24 Feb. 2020,


Neelakantan, Shailaja. “UVA President Condemns Threats Against Black Student.” Diverse Education, 20 Feb. 2020,


Neelakantan, Shailaja. “University of Virginia Caught in Race Row After Black Student's Comment.” Diverse Education, 20 Feb. 2020,

Hancock, Jay. “University of Virginia Doctors Decry Aggressive Billing Practices by Their Own Hospital.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 23 Nov. 2019,


Stripling, Jack. “Death Is This Professor's Life's Work. When It Hit Close to Home, She Invited Everyone to Watch.” The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Chronicle of Higher Education, 7 Aug. 2019,


Aleccia, JoNel. “Kathy Brandt, A Hospice Expert Who Invited The World Into Her Own Last Days With Cancer, Dies.” Kaiser Health News, 5 Aug. 2019,  


“Palliative care power couple faces cancer at home” (NBC Online). Article by JoNel Alecia. May 15, 2019.


“Do LGBT seniors need a room of their own?” NewOwnNext (LOGO Network). Article by Dan Avery. November 9, 2015.


“Aging even tougher for gays and lesbians: Isolation, fear of bias exacerbate concerns that all seniors share.” Chicago Tribune.  Article by Lisa Anderson. October 21, 2008.

“Gays et lesbiennes âgés: Une generation à bichonner.” 360 Degres (Magazine published in Switzerland). Interview and article by Nadja Simko. November 2007.


“Gay Old Timers: The GLBT community looks ahead to its golden years.” Metro Weekly, April 6, 2006.


“Finding Respect at The End of the Rainbow: LGBT Retirement Communities.” A Place for Mom. (undated 2006 internet article)


“Gay seniors settle into a niche.” USA Today, July 2, 2006


“Evacuees move to Gregg County Expo Center.” Longview News Journal.  Interview and article by Jimmy Isaac. October 7, 2005.


“Conference focuses on Iowa’s aging gays.”  Des Moines Register.  Interview and article by Brianna Blake. March 30, 2005.

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